How to attract more foreign workers

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Car wash owners should get ready for the inflow of foreign staff members and plan hiring strategies for the future. From a recent European Job Search Report we learn that many employers are indeed planning to hire more foreign workers.

For a time, Covid-19 changed migration patterns: The pandemic brought international travel to a halt and triggered a global economic crisis.
But since the pandemic, skills shortages have become even more acute, remote jobs have increased, and geopolitical instability has grown, we learn from the German research “Brain Gain or Drain? How Shifts in International Job Search Are Accelerating Global Competition for Talent”.


Answering the question how likely it is that a business will employ foreign workers this year, no less than 74% of the business owners in the UK respond with a strong YES. In Germany and France that percentage is a bit lower. But still, a majority of business owners are likely to hire a foreign worker with the right credentials.

Recently, many employers have also supported refugees from the Ukraine to find new jobs. Car wash owners in particular were interested in the sudden influx of new potential staff, since the language barrier is less of a problem.
Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, many car washes suddenly found themselves without East European staff after Brexit. Stressing the daily routine even further.

Companies in Belgium, Switzerland and (to a lesser extent) Germany have been particularly welcoming to refugees, the report learns. Italy is among the countries where employees have not taken much special measures to attract refugees.

A few tips

  • The report gives a few tips to employees who want to attract foreign workers:
  •  make a proper strategy
  •  post job descriptions in multiple languages
  •  help newcomers to improve their language skills
  •  have an open mindset regarding to working with other nationalities
  •  Don’t forget retention. Know the salaries and working conditions competitors offer

Author: Rene Passet

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