BigBrother hooks your car wash cash register up with cameras

BigBrother, a Dutch company which specializes in high-tech security, has recently made an integration of their software with three major car wash payment systems. They realized their cameras were not only useful for the overall safety of employees and customers or to playback possible accidents, but also to improve the customer experience.

“Car wash operators are increasingly investing in a camera system that allows them to do more than simply retrieve images,” says Dennis Klarenbeek of BigBrother. “From the integration with the three major car wash cash register systems, we link the camera images to the cash register transactions so that entrepreneurs do not have to endlessly search back images by date or time. But they can do this, for example, on the basis of searching by license plate, wash pass number or transaction number. In addition, we also separate all washings together with the correct image. This gives you immediate visual verification of the wash in question.”


According to BigBrotherCamera, the system Watch-it for mobility is being used for more and more purposes. “This technology platform is the starting point of our customers’ marketing journey. Because we link the license plate to the transaction data and can provide insights about the chosen programs in both the wash bay, rollover and chain lane, we see that many entrepreneurs are using this to improve the customer experience and to be able to launch more targeted marketing campaigns.”

BigBrother was founded 27 years ago and has its main office in Ede, in the central part of the Netherlands. It also holds offices in Belgium and Romania.

Photo: Watch-it camera system at IMO Car Wash in Mülheim.

360 camera photo by Pawel Czerwinski, Unsplash

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Author: Belinda Meijers

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