World Water Day: Istobal calls for responsible water use

Leaving the water tap running all day for three years. That’s how much car wash companies can save on water each year, according to Spanish industry supplier Istobal. Today, March 22 is World Water Day. Therefore the company is calling for the responsible use of water and the use of recycling systems.

As an example, Istobal mentions the use of its systems at a number of car rental companies at tourist hotspots in Spain. At present, Istobal systems are already saving more than 16.3 million liters of water per year at these car rental companies.

The biological water recycling system with ultrafiltration recovers 100 percent of the water at each wash, preventing an annual amount of wastewater equivalent to five Olympic swimming pools per car rental company. According to Istobal, not using water recycling systems in car washes would result in an annual waste of water comparable to leaving the water tap running all day for more than three years.

Tourism and corona

Water recycling systems save an average of 190 liters of water per full program in a car wash.
Assuming an average of 89,000 washes per year, performed in a car rental company in Spain in the past year. Despite not yet reaching its pre-covid level, it is already avoiding water wastage of 16,312.93 m3. Thanks to the installation of a physical recycling plus system for pre-wash in tunnels, followed by an ultrafiltration biological recycler to feed the osmosis systems for the final washing and rinsing phases. Thus avoiding disposal and minimizing the consumption of washing water.

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Sustainability is key

Istobal emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the car wash sector. All this without compromising washing results. The application of water recycling systems in wash facilities is especially important in cities with high water prices. But also in areas with high water discharge restrictions or in locations with limited water consumption due to drought. It even comes in handy in locations with high tourism during vacation periods. Or places with a large number of washes, as is the case with car rental companies.

Kills bacteria

Istobal’s filtration system also removes solids, turbidity, 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses and reduces organic loads and the presence of surfactants. In addition to recycling wash water, reducing water consumption in the wash facilities themselves also contributes. For example, Istobal’s current car washes use 6 percent less water , its rollovers 8 percent less and its high-pressure jet washes 33 percent less.
In addition, Istobal also has Class I hydrocarbon separation and retention systems in its equipment to reduce the presence of hydrocarbons in the water by 94 percent before it is disposed of or reused.

Finally, environmentally friendly laundry products in sustainable packaging also help, of course. For example, by using biodegradable raw materials in its detergents and reducing the presence of plastic in its containers of chemicals for car washes by more than 90 percent.

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Author: Rene Passet

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