Car wash soap manufacturer advises against dangerous TikTok trend

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After the cinnamon challenge and the choking game, yet another trend recently popped up on the socials: covering your face with car wash foam. A dangerous development, according to detergent manufacturer Dr.Stöcker.

Car washing in the self-service box is great fun for many customers. That’s a good thing, because in addition to clean cars, the car wash industry thrives on customer experience. Currently, however, a questionable trend is developing on social media. Our German colleagues of reached out to detergent manufacturer Dr.Stöcker to ask about the risks.

In some self-service car washes, it’s not only vehicles that are being covered in dense foam blankets. Customers are also using the cleaning lance for ‘funny’ content on their TikTok- or YouTube-channels. “We are very critical of this ‘trend’ and strongly advise against covering oneself or others with self-service wash foam”, says a spokesperson of the German based chemical manufacturer and soap producer Dr.Stöcker, who went on to answer some more questions.

How harmful to health are car wash cleaning agents for skin contact or contact with eyes, mouth and other body parts?
“A wide variety of products are used at self-service car wash stations – sometimes very mild ones, but not exclusively. These chemical cleaning agents have been developed and tested exclusively for use on vehicle surfaces. Basically, all Dr.Stöcker products are safe in their application concentration in the sense of the intended use – in this case for self-service vehicle washing. The possible dangers of misuse (skin and eye irritation, allergic reactions, etc.) are not automatically apparent to the customer.”

How should car wash customers handle car care cleaning agents responsibly?
“As a rule, instructions for proper car wash procedures are posted at the self-service facilities. Car wash customers are advised to follow these instructions.”

What are the safety standards for handling washing chemicals in the professional and commercial car wash sector?
“For professional or commercial users, there are a number of standards to ensure safe handling of the wash chemicals. For example, the provision of safety data sheets and operating instructions are regulated by law. In addition, Dr.Stöcker established an intelligent color system many years ago to improve safety in the handling of professional washing chemicals. In the Dr.Stöcker ColorCode, each product group has its own color. This means that the chemistry itself as well as the lids of the canisters, EasyPacks and bag-in-box packaging are colored. The adjustment and dosing logs as well as the labels with the hazardous substance instructions also have a corresponding color code. This facilitates product identification and avoids confusion in the plant.”


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In addition to foam lances with white, dense foam, colored cleaning foams could also tempt people to use these cleaning agents improperly.

Some people even think it’s safe to wash your dog with car wash soap.

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Author: Rene Passet

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