CarwashPro The news site for carwash professionals Thu, 20 Jan 2022 14:11:09 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The stainless steel providers of PECO Mon, 24 Jan 2022 14:10:58 +0000 “It’s in our blood”, says JR Rietsch, son of the founder of PECO Equipment in their informative new video about the Michigan-based company. “As a kid my dad would put me on a 55 gallon drum and let us wipe off tools”. With thousands of car washes in more than 15 countries, PECO Equipment nowadays washes over 500,000 cars every single day.


PECO Car Wash Systems began business in 1966. Back then it was known as Pacesetter Equipment Company, situated just outside Detroit in the little town of Royal Oak. Nowadays their 55.000 square feet big factory is found in Auburn Hills.

Over time PECO went from distributorship to specializing in conveyor belts, built of stainless or galvanized steel. “We only do that now and we do it very well”, Rietsch proudly says.

180 million

“It’s come to a whole different level”, beams Rietsch when he talks about the growth of the company. “Both in operation and professionalism.” If you add all the daily car washes by PECO machines you come to the whopping number of 180 million car washes every year.

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Tommy Car Wash Systems has a new mud fighter Fri, 21 Jan 2022 14:08:20 +0000 In their ongoing fight against dirt, Tommy Car Wash Systems just introduced their latest weapon: the Triple Threat Wheel Blaster.

From springtime snowmelt to summer rainstorms to autumn’s freeze and thaw, vehicles run into muddy roads just about any time of year. But Tommy’s new Triple Threat Wheel Blaster can deal with the dirty aftermath, or so they claim. By adding a center manifold to their Rainbow Coat Arch, the Triple Threats front, side, and rear-facing cleaning and rinsing power specifically targets vehicle sides, wheels, rims and running boards. It’s aim: to efficiently remove mud and road grime.


According to Tommy their Triple Threat is a powerful addition to any car wash but it’s especially effective for car washes located in areas that deal with more mud than usual. That could also involve work – or recreational trucks and 4x4s that spend more time in the dirt.

The Triple Threat Wheel Blaster is available as an upgrade for existing wash tunnels. But it can also be included as part of a new tunnel being built. Triple Threat is a more cost-effective alternative to the robot arch, adds Tommy. It uses a double stack pump station in the backroom to provide adequate pressure to the two triple threat manifolds in the wash.


For those thinking of upgrading their tunnel, the Triple Threat manifolds will directly replace the Double Threat manifolds that are currently part of the standard TX offering, which are mounted on the feet of the rainbow arch. This option will be plumbed directly to reclaim, using approximately 25-30 gallons (95-113 liters) per minute.
Tommy Car Wash Systems has been one of the leading car wash companies in the US for over fifty years. They started in 1969 in Holland, Michigan and now have over 33 operating sites in America.

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Get your booster at the car wash Thu, 20 Jan 2022 08:51:14 +0000 The world is currently boosting its way out of the pandemic and in Germany they go a long way to achieve that goal. It’s now even possible to get a booster shot at a car wash. The only condition is that you work at Mr. Wash Autoservice.
The German carwash company wants to get as many employees vaccinated against Covid19 as possible. So they launched a nationwide campaign to make it as easy as possible.

They put the bar as low as possible, Mr. Wash employees will even continue to get paid while they get their booster shot. “We can make this offer because we already have a very high vaccination rate in our workforce,” said Richard Enning, CEO of Mr. Wash.


This is the second time Mr. Wash has supported the federal government’s vaccination campaign. Back in 2021, the company offered all staff willing to be vaccinated a bonus of 40 euros if he or she got vaccinated. Furthermore, employees with language barriers were actively supported in making an appointment at the vaccination center. The company even offered a “vaccination shuttle”.

As a result of these measures, the vaccination rate in some branches is 95 to 100 percent. “We are therefore very pleased that we have come through the pandemic with comparatively very few cases so far,” Enning notes. In addition to the vaccination, all employees are tested before they start work. The company practiced this long before the law required it.

Mr. Wash employs around 1,600 people and, in addition to its headquarters in Essen, currently has 35 branches nationwide.

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Stockmeier goes green Thu, 20 Jan 2022 06:58:12 +0000 Stockmeier recently presented a sustainable product line for car washes. With Green Line, the German-based chemical company meets the environmentally friendly specifications. The product line should also help car washes reduce maintenance costs.
Manufacturer Stockmeier states that their new range named Green Line is free of NTA, sillicons, silicates and phosphates, mineral oil and microplastics. The chemistry used is biodegradable in accordance with current environmental requirements.

The product line is suitable for all water treatment systems. Stockmeier has an extensive product range for car wash companies. Green Line includes a prewash detergent and shampoo, among others.

The price tag of their green product is a bit higher because the raw materials for it are more expensive. Stockmeier explains that these costs can be set off against savings in maintenance costs. By using green products it is likely that filters and sieves will have to be cleaned less often.

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Crew Carwash wins ‘best place to work’ Wed, 19 Jan 2022 09:58:06 +0000 For the third time in a row, American company Crew Carwash has been honored with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award. This award is based solely on the anonymous input of employees, who review their job, work environment and employer.
“We are humbled and honored to be recognized as one of the Best Places to Work by Glassdoor,” says Carwash Crew-CEO Bill Dahm in a reaction. “What makes this award so special is that it is given to us based on the voice of our team members. They truly set us apart from others in the service industry and we are privileged to have each and every one of them on our team.”

Indiana based

Crew Carwash runs multiple locations throughout Indiana. The company was started by Joe Dahm just after World War II, in 1948. He opened Indiana’s first automated carwash: Mike’s Minit Man. A few years later, Joe’s brother Ed joined the business. At the time, just 18 carwashes were operating in the United States.

Since then, millions of vehicles have passed through the carwash and Crew has become one of the largest carwash companies in the nation.

Still owned by the Dahm family, Crew Carwash continues to grow and innovate to deliver customers with “clean, fast and friendly” service. What did change is care for the environment. They now utilize 40% recycled water and 60% fresh water due to a water reclamation systems that allow Crew to filter, clean and re-use some of the water in their wash process.


To be considered for the U.S. small and medium company category at Glassdoor, a company must have had fewer than 1,000 employees and have received at least 30 ratings across each of the nine workplace attributes. “The world of work is rapidly evolving, fueled by the pandemic and now millions of workers reevaluating their expectations from employers,” says Christian Sutherland-Wong of Glassdoor. On its website, current and former employees voluntarily and anonymously share insights and opinions about their work environments by sharing a company review. Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work were determined using company reviews between October 2020 and October 2021.

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This is the first installation of Istobal’s M’Wash 4 Tue, 18 Jan 2022 06:49:46 +0000 At the OK petrol station in Grubbenvorst in the Netherlands the very first M’Wash4 by Istobal is running. EenzetCarwash installed the rollover in the brand new wash hall. Both the technology and the design of the machine are striking.
In the Netherlands, Istobal is represented by EenzetCarwash. Eric Mekelenkamp of Eenzet takes us on a tour to Grubbenvorst, where the first rollover is installed at an OK location. “OK always pays a great deal of attention to the overall appearance of a car wash,” says Mekelenkamp. Cleanbuild took care of the walls and the floor has also been renovated and looks spic and span. Customers can buy the wash in the shop and also at the machine itself.

The rollover has a few striking elements. Firstly, of course, in this case the red colour. The design and pictograms have been renewed, and glass has been used on the front for a modern look. A clock indicates the time and outside temperature.

Shiny rims

Mekelenkamp points to the rims of his car. “Due to high-pressure wheel washing, you can see multidisk brushes here to get the rims better clean.” On the side of the rollover you can see a drying system that is adjustable in height. “That is very unique,” says the sales director. “Often the drying is stationary.” In addition, the roof dryer can be lowered extremely low so that the front and back of the car are also better dried. The high-pressure and chemical nozzles are also attached to that dryer.

The rollover at OK is equipped with a light panel and works frequency-controlled so that everything runs smoothly and without jerks.

Technical room

Mekelenkamp then shows us the technical area. “This has been completely stripped and redesigned. All the elements have been replaced.” He points to the control cabinet where the link to the payment system is made, a new boiler for hot water in the wash bays (which have also been renewed), the osmosis installation, the new water supply and pumps for the chemistry.

The rollover in Grubbenvorst is the same as that shown by EenzetCarwash at the Dutch trade show Tankstation Vakbeurs in November. Mekelenkamp says there have been many enthusiastic reactions to it, both because of the technology and the design. The M’Wash4 by Istobal is now in full production.

Watch the video below, in Dutch, to watch the machine in full swing.

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Meanwhile on the island of Borneo… Mon, 17 Jan 2022 12:28:31 +0000 It’s not every day we hear something about car washing on Borneo. Where the rainy season apparently  has seriously kicked in. Car wash business on the tropical island was recently cut in half.

The island of Borneo is shared between Indonesia and Malaysia. Both countries share a dry season and a wet season. Lately, continuous heavy rain not only inundated some low-lying areas but also dampened car washing.
In an interview, owner of the local enterprise AY Car Beauty said he can barely get more than 10 customers on rainy days, which is half of the number of cars washed when the weather is sunny. He also complained profit has been eroded by the increase in cost of supplies.

“No one wants to have their cars washed on rainy days”, adds Juliet Malek, who manages Austin Snow Car Wash Centre. Meanwhile, the Malaysian weather center warned about more torrential rains in the days ahead. The rainy season on Borneo is expected to last until February.

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Car Wash Association warns about modern slavery Fri, 14 Jan 2022 07:13:25 +0000 In their annual report about the state of car washing in the UK, the Car Wash Association warns about non-compliant hand car wash businesses. They go as far as calling it ‘modern slavery, often committed in plain sight’.
The so-called non-compliant hand car wash (HCW) operators are estimated by the police to account for 80 per cent of all HCWs in the UK. According to the CWA non-compliance can take many forms. From breaches of environmental regulations to non-payment of tax, to labour abuse including failure to pay the minimum wage and forcing workers to endure dangerous working conditions.

Big turnover

Hand car washes are commonplace in streets and communities across the UK, with estimates ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 locations, with annual turnover estimated to be £1.8 billion. The HCW industry has been identified as a high-risk sector for labour abuse. The workforce can include illegal migrants who have been trafficked to the UK.


67 per cent of the workers are male and between 18-34 old, CWA found. The men are mostly from Romania and Albania. Though nationals from Asian countries are featuring more prominently in recent years. The Car Wash Association has been campaigning for several years to raise public awareness about the crimes associated with the HCW industry. One of the initiatives is the ‘SafeCarWash’ mobile app. A joint effort of the Church of England and the Catholic Church to spread public awareness and reporting by customers of possible signs of slavery in HCWs.

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BKF & Kroma open new car wash bays in Serbia Thu, 13 Jan 2022 09:27:14 +0000 Don’t you just want to get into your car and drive straight to Serbia when you look at these stunning photos? They are taken at the new car wash in Ruma. It has been built by local company Kroma in conjunction with technology partner BKF from Poland.

The new touchless car wash location in Ruma contains six beautiful designed washing bays in bright red colors. Apart from hanging pulpits there are additional washing programs like active foam. If you want to clean the inside of your car it is good to know that two stations are equipped with vacuum cleaners as well.

Payment is done by the side of each bay on a touch display, where the theft proof system also accepts loyalty cards apart from bank cards.

International experience

BKF Car Wash is a Polish manufacturer of sturdy self-service car washes and gantry washes in stainless steel that has more than 30 years of experience and operates internationally. Most of their clients are petrol stations, motor vehicle diagnostic stations and private investors.

Kroma Wash Systems is a company that originates from Croatia but also operates in Serbia and Bosnia/Herzegovina. They are known for their beautifully designed car wash stations and they are a dealer of BKF.

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These are the seven most common mistakes made in wash bays Thu, 13 Jan 2022 06:09:39 +0000 In self-service car washes, it’s the customer who is responsible for the washing result. Every so often car wash operators with jet washes find that customers make mistakes when using the box, resulting in a disappointing wash result. We listed the seven most common mistakes.

Mistake 1: Incorrect use of the pressure washer

To remove stubborn dirt, customers often reduce the distance between the pressure washer and the vehicle. This can lead to damage of the treated surface. The minimum distance should always be between 30 and 50 centimeters. Many washing facilities therefore have warning signs to inform customers of this.

Mistake 2: Wrong cleaning products

Sometimes you will see customers using cleaning and care products that are not meant for the job. They even grab the all-purpose cleaner meant for homes. It is much wiser to only use products that are specifically designed for cleaning and maintaining vehicles. The water treatment of a washing plant usually doesn’t like foreign substances. Many operators therefore restrict or even prohibit the use of products car owners bring in themselves.

Mistake 3: Improper rim cleaning

For many customers, clean rims mean a job well done. But to get shiny rims you will need dedication. Talking to the customer beforehand often leads to more customer satisfaction. If the customer really wants to dive into the rim situation, then a special rim brush can be recommended.

Error 4: Overdoing it with soap

Too much is often damaging. This is especially true of the chemicals used in car care. Customers who overly liberal soap and other cleaning products without prior knowledge can cause damage to their vehicle, if they for example use too much of it. While this is ultimately the customer’s responsibility, a negative wash result does often lead to discussions about liability. Again, the advice is: talk to the customer. After all: the car wash operator is the expert.

Mistake 5: Dried-in stains

Leaving bird droppings and dead insects on the car for too long can cause damage to the paintwork that only becomes visible after a wash. This sometimes results in liability discussions. Explaining how you -as a car owner- should deal with this is therefore a returning topic on many social media groups. The variety of stains is endless, the discussion about how to clean it too.

Mistake 6: Too hot to handle

With the start of the sunny season, customers regularly want to wash their car. Even though it is actually too hot for that. Heat causes the detergent to dry faster, changes the concentration of the chemistry and can even damage the paint. This topic is another thankful one for discussions on socials. Try to direct the customer to the cooler morning hours, when it’s usually also less crowded in the car wash.

Error 7: Skipping paint sealing

Customers who bailout on sealing after the car wash usually do so for two reasons: financial ones or out of ignorance. How to deal with that? Customers who want to save money on a paint seal often don’t consider the long-term consequences and depreciation in value of a poorly maintained paint job. The second group of ignorant customers needs to be informed about the purpose of a sealer.

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