Washing more often in the summer necessary to keep the car in top condition

Wash the car weekly, regularly opt for a pre-wash and wax treatment and do not use cleaning agents with alcohol on the dashboard. With these guidelines you keep your car in top condition, says Istobal. The Spanish manufacturer of washing equipment lists the most common mistakes made in the car wash. Handy for car wash entrepreneurs: they can use the tips in their own communication to the customer.

Istobal talked to experts to find out how to maintain a vehicle in good condition during the summer. The most common mistake of the season is simply not washing cars often enough. If washing phases are also skipped and unsuitable products are used, there will be problems. Fortunately, car washes offer a solution!

Heat and sun

Failure to remove salt, sand, insects, bird droppings and dirt in time can cause irreversible damage to the paintwork and color. Istobal therefore recommends washing the car at least once a week. This is especially important in the summer because of the heat and exposure to the sun. Those conditions accelerate harmful processes.

If the customer then comes weekly to the car wash, it is important to remind them to also regularly opt for a wash with prewash and wax to protect the bodywork and other parts. Don’t forget the windshield wiper blades. They dry out even more in the summer. This pre-wash is also important for cars that are not very dirty, so all kinds of oils, dust and organic residues can be removed and to protect the bodywork and other parts. A tip for the car wash on behalf of the Spanish manufacturer represented in the Netherlands by EenzetCarwash: first rinse the vehicle with water to cool the surface if it is very hot.

High pressure

Good for the customer to know: the employees in the car wash work carefully with a high-pressure cleaner. In car washes, a minimum distance of 30 centimeters is maintained between the tip of the lance and the car to avoid excessive water pressure on the car.

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