How to overcome the fear of frozen car doors?

Unsplash: Juha Lakaniemi

Many motorists avoid the car wash during frosty periods in fear that their vehicle’s doors and locks will be frozen solid the next morning. How can car wash operators debunk this myth?

Most car wash customers do not delve as deeply into washing their cars as industry experts do. They quickly come to the conclusion that washing their cars in the winter is not advisable. They think their door rubbers will be cracked as soon as they open the frozen door.

Tips for car wash customers

First some technique: should it happen that the doors of a vehicle are really frozen in winter, many drivers instinctively make a big mistake. They try to pull the door loose, often with damage as a result. Try the opposite direction next time. Gently press against the car door to break the ice between it and the sealing rubber. After that simple movement it is fairly safe to open up.

Another classic mistake is the location of the door lock defroster. Keep outside the vehicle, istead of putting it in the glove compartment, where it’s inaccessible when most needed.

Be visible as an expert

Experts in the automotive industry know these tricks and advice. But only a few experts put their expertise to effective use. They overlook how to use such seemingly simple tricks to get customers’ attention. Good customer service starts with putting yourself in their position.

Trust us: customers really appreciate valuable tips from experts to prevent vehicle damage and costs. So it’s smart to address customers on this topic through low-threshold communication channels such as publications on social media.

Expert interviews with local media are also conceivable. Or consider doing a radio interview on the local station. Topics such as these are especially popular with radio listeners who are driving to work in an icy car in the morning.

While these types of customer communication actions take time, they can also be implemented at no cost.

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Author: Rene Passet

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