The five most neglected parts while cleaning your car

While the hood, rear and windows probably will get our attention when washing the car, there are some parts that are always overlooked. Or parts that are seldom cleaned. And if they are, the method is often wrong. In a way that’s a shame, because you get less money for your secondhand car when it’s time to sell it.

So which parts of your car are actually neglected and deserve more attention? We name you five.


Things you cannot see, cannot be dirty, right? Wrong. Especially in winter conditions it’s crucial to regularly clean the undercarriage in order to get rid of salt, mud and debris. This is the area of your car that is the closest to the ground and essentially collects more dirt than any other part. Use a pressure nozzle on a hose to loosen the grime and dirt. Many car washes in northern countries have a specially designed undercarriage cleaner.


It may sound obvious but actually it’s not. People often overlook the four tires when they clean their cars. The proper way to clean tyres is to use a cleaner specifically designed for your tire type. The spray will help loosen the brake dust and dirt that creeps onto the rubber and metal. Use a cleaner on your rims to make the tires shine. Wash off and rinse to make the tires look brand new.


The buttons and knobs on the dashboard collect a lot of dust. It is necessary to get those clean. Sure, it’s a tedious job but there are different ways to get it done. Firstly, use a damp rag for cleaning the larger surfaces. Then, use a toothbrush to access the hard-to-reach areas and then vacuum the dirt out. Or you could use a flathead screwdriver to target the dirt stuck into small spaces and wedge the debris out before wiping it with a rug.


after you cleaned your car on the outside, pop the hood and take a look on the inside. The engine bay collects grease and dirt, which can reduce your car’s performance. Use a soft-bristled brush and engine cleaner to get into the small spaces. Cover all the parts that you shouldn’t get wet, like the fuse box or alternator. To dry it off, use a microfiber cloth.


The vents are probably the most neglected part of your car, when cleaning it. This is because vents are often difficult to clean. You can buy an inexpensive paint brush from a local hardware store to get into this hard-to-reach spot. Use some furniture polish on the brush and use it to clean the vents. The particles that get stuck on the vents get cleaned by the polish.

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Author: Rene Passet

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