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TSG: “More mobility hubs will install car wash installations”

Carwashpro spoke to TSG about the latest developments.

Dutch company TSG Solutions is one of the key players when it comes to paying for a self service car wash. But they also offer payment solutions for mobility hubs. “Often they inquire if it’s possible to also install a car wash.” 

During a recent episode of our CarwashPro Podcast series, recorded live at the Tankstation Vakbeurs, we got a lot wiser about payment software, washing and the future of EV-charging. And the combination of those three.

“We all wash with the same water, so it’s important to find ways to be distinctive,” says TSG’s Jan van Dillen in the (Dutch spoken) podcast. “What is unique about our machines – from the German brand Kärcher – is the 3-brush gantry on them, as well as the complete design and mindset of the machine.” According to Van Dillen, the distinction goes a step further. “From our main office we can login to the machine and do maintenance from a distance.”

In the special CarwashPro Podcast series, recorded live at the Tankstation Vakbeurs, Jan van Dillen (Account Manager TSG Wash) and Marcel van der Boor (Account Manager TSG Systems) talk about the latest trends and developments.


TSG Wash – the division within TSG that deals with car washes – is now moving more toward the unmanned rollover concept. “We already have the solution for that and we are further developing it. Not only are we looking at the payment system, but also the help desk, where we can remotely control the machine and intervene safely,” says Van Dillen. He continues: “It’s still fairly new in the industry, but you do see that more and more car washes are doing it. And I think that is also something that many suppliers will use as a starting point.”

New EU-law

TSG became known for its SelfwashPay, a touchscreen interface where the customer can start the wash. Payment can be done  contactless with bank cards, via a barcode scanner, QR codes and license plate recognition.

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The new ChargePay will will revolutionize paying for EV-charging.

“To this we now add ChargePay“, says Marcel van der Boor of TSG Payment. “It’s a bit hard to explain in a few words but basically it’s a charging pole for EV-stations that accepts all bank cards, credit cards and other ways of payment.” According to a new EU-law -which will soon come into effect- public charging poles will become accessible to everyone. Soon the frustration of having the wrong charging subscription and multiple passes will be a thing of the past, according to Van Der Boor.

With the growth of EV-charging stations and mobility hubs, demand for car washing will also increase. “When we are involved in setting up a new mobility hub, we often get the question if we are also able to supply unmanned car wash installations. Here is where our close relationship with Karcher comes in.”

Listen to the whole podcast (in Dutch) here

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Author: Rene Passet

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TSG: “More mobility hubs will install car wash installations” | CarwashPro