Aral remains market leader

GermanyAral remains the biggest player when it comes to service stations in Germany. Last year they were operating 2,266 petrol stations according to data by Statista. Shell comes in second  with 1,947 locations while Total...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Instant karma shower

viral car wash videoAn 18-year-old car wash worker became an overnight internet sensation when she turned the tables on a rude customer who threw a drink at her. Read more
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How to properly use social media

Trends in 2024In a world where digital technologies and social media are growing unstoppably, it is essential for companies in every industry to keep up with the latest trends. For the car wash industry, innovative social media...Read more
|Comment|author: Sandra Schäfer

AAA: plan a trip to the carwash

USAMany US states have recently seen a lot of snow. The American Automobile Association (AAA) advises motorists to plan a visit to a carwash as soon as possible to avoid any damage from road salts...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Mind the duck

GermanyA duck is a centerpiece at the latest carwash by the German company Schöner Waschen. They named their new car wash in Grevenbroich “Waschpark zur Ente”, which translates as car wash “to the duck”Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Self-Service on the rise in the UK

Great Britain More and more self-service car washes are opening for business in the UK, while hand car washing seems to be on the way out. Smart Auto Spa saw how labor shortage disrupted the business. This...Read more
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JET updates Mannheim car wash

GermanyJET has refurbished and extended the former StarWash site in Mannheim, Germany. The company not only offers conveyor washing but has updated the car wash with self-service wash bays including air guns and vacuum cleaners. Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet