The CarBax Combo: car wash system on a frame

Whether you’re just starting a car wash or are already running one, the recently introduced CarBax Combo might just be the right system for you. We recently spoke with the Slovakian company to tell us more about it.

CarBax calls the technology they use for their Combo package the “system-on-the-frame” solution. “We designed it as a compact solution”, says Peter Matejbus, head of research & development at CarBax. “Because the whole technology for all self-service bays is placed on one robust stainless-steel frame.”

With this choice CarBax was able to minimize the size of the technology itself, while also saving space in the technical room. Especially in larger car wash centers this can be a huge benefit because you can run your business with a higher number of bays.

CarBax is very proud of their Combo system. “We think we managed to create a truly unique product that is safe, user-friendly, and compact, beams Matejbus. “It is built with components of the highest quality, which ensures its long service life and user-friendly operation.” He likes to add that the company has also built a fully automatic control system for lights and heating. “This ensures an even more comfortable operation in the car wash.”

Wash programs

CarBax Combo offers a wide selection of wash programs. Investors can choose from 8 wash programs: under chassis wash, active foam, shampoo, rims and wheels, high pressure wash, drying wax, super-wax, and final rinse with osmotic water. If the budget is tight, it is possible to start with a smaller number of wash programs, and later, additional programs could be added.

With under chassis wash, CarBax managed to develop a unique product to clean a part of the car which is often overlooked. Especially in countries with winter conditions it is crucial the chassis gets enough attention. Overlooked road dirt and salt can do serious rust damage to your car. CarBax under chassis wash solves this problem in a fully automatic way. The car owner just has to park his car above it and the automated system does the rest. After the program finishes, the customer is free to continue with self-service washing.

Control panel

The core of CarBaxCombo is the control panel, which includes the wash programs selection and the payment systems. The wash programs are arranged in chronological order which ensures a user-friendly experience. The large full-color LCD display shows all the necessary information for the customer, including the remaining credit and the chosen wash program. It is made of solid stainless-steel in an eye-catching design.

Apart from a wide selection of wash programs, CarBax also made sure there are enough payment options for customers using the Combo system. Besides coin payment, it is possible to pay contactless. The terminal accepts card payments by VISA and MasterCard. Besides cards, it also accepts near field payments by mobile devices supporting Apple and Google Pay. Moreover, it allows loyalty cards payment. With this so-called CarBaxCard system the operator provides more comfort and benefits to the loyal customers of the self-service car wash center.

To add to security, CarBaxCombo can be equipped with a CoinVac system. This allows automatic coin extraction from every control panel of each bay. The money then directly goes to a secured safe, which adds an additional layer of security to your car wash.

Operator friendly

CarBaxCombo runs on the specially developed operating system called CarBaxOS. This system is easy to use, configure, and maintain. With remote access via the web, you can easily obtain all the essential information. Whether it’s the current state of the system, detergent levels or read the statistics of your turnover. All this can be accessed with your phone, tablet or computer.

Last but not least, the Slovakian company also likes to underline that the system works well in all weather conditions, no matter how harsh. The Combo is designed to operate both on a hot summer day or arctic temperatures as low as -35 Celsius.

More information about CarBax Combo can be found here

Author: Rene Passet

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