‘Washing your vehicle in a car wash is the eco-friendliest thing to do’

Car washes can make an important contribution to the environment by choosing eco-friendly chemicals, using up to date equipment and by reclaiming water. Tim Ewing of Turtle Wax Pro is convinced car washes can make a difference in helping the planet.

Tim Ewing is the executive vice president of Turtle Wax Pro, owned and operated by the Transchem Group in Canada. Ewing was a speaker at the Car Wash Show Europe 2021, he focussed on sustainability and talked about the role of the car wash industry in helping the planet.

According to Ewing sustainability requires a reponsible use of resources to perpetuate life in the future in the same ways we know it now.

Temperature, chemicals, mechanics and time

The car wash has four elements for ideal cleaning: the mechanics, water temperature, chemicals, and time. If you increase one of these elements, you need less of the others and vice versa.

What Turtle Wax Pro aims to do is improve the chemical impact without increasing the time need, water temperature or mechanics. They do this by using specialised ingredients and hyperconcentrates. “It is aimed at washing more vehicles with the same amount of water”, Ewing explains.

Home wash versus professional wash

Ewing argues that professional washing saves resources and is better for the environment when compared to home washing. “Professional washes use less water and the chemicals are collected afterwards.” However, customers need to be made aware of this. That is a job for both the manufacturers and the operators.

You can watch Ewing’s presentation below.

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Author: Rieneke Kok

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