How a white leather couch ended up in a car wash

A couch meets a rollover (video still)

Can you put a stained white leather sofa in a car wash to get it cleaned? Or is that asking for trouble? Here’s a rather peculiar video which will give you the answer.

If you, as a carwash professional, occasionally watch a TikTok clip or search for ‘car wash fails’ on YouTube, you will soon discover that not all consumers use a car wash for what it actually is meant for.

The craziest things go through the car wash. Trailers, baby strollers and complete furniture get the soapy treatment. With varying results.

This peculiar video shows two people dressed in white lab suits carrying a snow-white couch into a roll-over. After first having sprinkled it with a few glasses of red wine.


It might be no surprise to the average car wash owner that the white leather sofa comes out worse than it went in. After all, a car wash is meant for the thorough cleaning of vehicles, not for washing dirty couches.

The sofa stunt appears to be a guerrilla commercial from Dr. Beckmann, which wants to showcase its latest Upholstery Stain Remover.
At the same time the company draws attention to the disposable society. Instead of throwing away a white leather couch with stains, it is wiser to look for the right cleaning product, they imply.

Here’s our own bottom line: cleaning your vehicle with an aggressive household kitchen spray is just as stupid as putting a white leather couch in a roll-over car wash.

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Author: Rene Passet

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How a white leather couch ended up in a car wash | CarwashPro