Beware of road salt: ‘It eats up everything’

under chassis washing

Although the snow has disappeared from most main West-European roads for now, the traces of road salt still stick to cars. The brine can be disastrous and a good wash is therefore required. At CarPro in the Dutch town of Weert, an “explosion in the number of cars” is therefore expected this week.

Marco Naus, who has been working at CarPro for fifteen years, explained this to a local newspaper. The 50-year-old carwash worker wants to advise everyone to get the road salt off their cars as soon as possible. “It eats up everything. The underside of your car, the rubber, but also the paint. That’s why I always advise: wash your car in the car wash, with bottom cleaning. Because if you wash your car in the driveway at home, you’re not going to get under the car to clean there, too.”

In addition, Naus urges people not to wash their car by hand, because in nine out of 10 cases, they grab the wrong brush, the regional newspaper writes. “That leads to scratches. Especially on that water-based car paint these days. To me, that’s almost like finger paint.” Finally, Naus advocates having a protective coating, such as wax, put on the car to reduce the salt’s ability to adhere.

German company Kärcher has a home solution

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Author: Rene Passet

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