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How Ace Car Wash Systems came to China

chinaDutch company Ace Car Wash Systems is currently involved in building no less than eight tunnel car washes in three different cities in China. Two of the first conveyors have just been completed. We called...Read more
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Shell opens huge fast-charging plaza

ChinaShell has opened a giant fast-charging plaza with 258 publicly accessible fast-charging points near Hong Kong. It lies about 2.5 kilometers from the Shenzhen airport. Not only is it Shell’s largest fast-charging plaza in the...Read more
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Changing instead of charging

Chinese company NIO hopes to revolutionize EV driving. Instead of charging empty batteries, they simply change them. In what looks like a state-of-the-art car wash. In Norway, NIO recently opened a swap station.Read more
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Istobal starts production in China

The Spanish carwashbuilder Istobal drives its international expansion plan and starts production in China a year after starting its exports to this country. The production is situated about 80 kilometers from Shanghai, sales offices for...Read more
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