Istobal urges responsible use of water in car wash

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Spanish car wash manufacturer Istobal is urging car wash facilities to use water responsibly and adopt measures that promote sustainability. Given the extreme severity of the drought in many countries, the company reminds that water is a limited resource and of fundamental importance in the car wash industry.

Istobal reiterates that cleaning the car in a sustainable car wash uses less water than when people wash their own cars on the street. This also prevents pollution of groundwater. In this regard, Istobal cites the contribution of car wash entrepreneurs as crucial to being environmentally conscious to combat drought. And the manufacturer is looking at developing integrated technologies that reduce water, chemical and energy consumption and promote a sustainable car wash industry.

Importance of water recycling systems

Not using water recycling systems in car washes can lead to water waste, according to Istobal, “similar to leaving a faucet running all day for more than three years. Istobal is responding to this by investing in water recycling systems for the car wash, which allow business owners to continue washing cars even during periods of water restriction due to drought.

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Istobal urges water reduction

Quality of water

According to Istobal, water consumption is related to the quality of the water used in the plant. For this reason, the company has developed several water treatment systems, including a biological recycler with an ultrafiltration system that can recycle up to 100 percent of the water. This recycling system achieves maximum water quality for later reuse in all washing stages, including osmosis in the final finish.

In addition to water recycling and water treatment systems, Istobal is also considering other innovations. For example, the latest generation of rollovers reduces water consumption by 40 percent compared to previous models, thanks to new brush materials that absorb less water and better redistribution of water circulation.

In a new video, Istobal shares its vision for sustainable water use.

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Author: Rene Passet

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