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Istobal reduces plastic in product packaging

Spanish supplier Istobal is now using around a third less plastic in the packaging of its chemicals. In addition, the line of super-concentrated agents has been doubled, reducing the total amount of plastic at Istobal...Read more
|Comment|author: Rieneke Kok

Istobal starts production in China

The Spanish carwashbuilder Istobal drives its international expansion plan and starts production in China a year after starting its exports to this country. The production is situated about 80 kilometers from Shanghai, sales offices for...Read more
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Istobal launches free use of Smartwash

Istobal now offers free use of Smartwash, a system that allows operators of Istobal-equipment insights into the data of their facility. Smartwash extracts and analyses accounting and installation status data as well as user behaviour...Read more
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