Istobal introduces new rollover M’Wash4

Less water, less chemicals, but much better washing results. Istobal’s latest rollover is the M’Wash4. In the system, the brushes, drying and chemical dosage have been optimised. And the machine looks good too. The Spanish manufacturer presented the new rollover in a virtual presentation this week. 

The summary of the plus points of this new rollover: the M’Wash4 ensures flawless cleaning of all types of vehicles, using less chemicals and saving 10 percent of water. The dryer rotates 360 degrees, which ensures better drying with lower energy consumption and less noise. For the user, it is easier to drive the car under the machine.

In the Netherlands, manufacturer Istobal is represented by EenzetCarwash. They have the premiere to show the rollover to the public for the first time at the Tankstation Vakbeurs this week.

Virtual event

The rollover was launched on Monday morning via a virtual event from Valencia. At the start, a beating, machine-like heart could be seen. According to product manager Álvaro Merín of Istobal, the heart illustrates that emotion and technology can indeed be combined.

A demonstration video shows the rollover in the showroom in Spain. Beautifully lit, a gleaming white Cupra drives in. The model customers start the wash programme with their mobile phones and immediately share the experience on social media. Merín explains, “the M’Wash4 represents a new technological leap to transform the carwash and car care sector through more efficient, intuitive and connected technology.”

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The M’Wash4 washes faster than its predecessors, with less consumption of water and chemicals. The profile of the car is scanned and the brushes adjust their intensity and movements accordingly. The machine has a dynamic chemical dosage system: the amount is automatically adjusted to the speed of the machine. Rotating high-pressure nozzles have been added to the top and bottom to reach hard-to-reach areas and to provide better coverage of the entire surface of the vehicle, regardless of its shape or size. All these developments contribute to the rollover using about 10 percent less water while achieving a better washing result. Per vehicle, it saves seven litres, so with an average of 10,000 washes per year, that makes a difference of 70,000 litres.

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Drying system

The drying system can rotate through 360 degrees, which ensures drying in even the most difficult-to-reach places. In addition, there is an innovative side drying system (patent pending) that moves vertically and works in different positions, making it suitable for passenger cars, vans and SUVs. The noise has also been reduced by 2 dB, without compromising on efficiency. The machine makes it possible to carry out short cleaning programmes in one drying pass and offers greater flexibility in the configuration of washing and drying programmes.

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Driving in

This new rollover is also designed to provide the best user experience for both the wash customer and the carwash operator. For example, it is compatible with Smartwash by Istobal. The vehicle has more drive-through space, thanks to the integration of the wheel wash in the rollover structure, a more retracted position of the vertical brushes and hiding the drying system from the user. In short: it just looks good too.

Other aids designed to improve user experience and visibility include illuminated icons, programme indicators, temperature and residual time indicators and LED lighting.

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First installation

The M’Wash4 will be available on the European market from the summer of 2022. Eric Mekelenkamp of EenzetCarwash says that the first machine will soon be installed at OK Olie in Grubbenvorst in the Netherlands, so that the M’Wash4 can be seen in real life after the Tankstation Vakbeurs.

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