Ergox: ‘The vacuum cleaner plaza must look good and offer convenience’

A good vacuum cleaner plaza ensures satisfied and returning customers. A vacuum cleaner plaza must look good and it must be as user-friendly as possible for the customer. It is important for the car wash operator that there is as little chance as possible of damage due to collisions. Vacuum cleaner specialist Ergox lists what is required in term of vacuuming in he modern car wash.

All aspects of the car wash contribute to a positive customer experience, including vacuuming. And that positive customer experience is necessary to be able to recoup the investments associated with the new construction or renovation of a carwash. At Ergox they are therefore convinced that the modern car wash must offer the customer a total package.


Ergox Vacuum Systems sees that the demands that car wash operators  place on vacuuming are becoming increasingly serious. Car wash entrepreneurs ask the specialist what the vacuum cleaner plaza can look like and what is technically required. Other questions are how many installation locations and which accessories are possible. There is also the question of how the vacuum cleaner square fits into the design of the building and the corporate identity of a car wash. Ergox sees the challenge in this and therefor creates a DWG file for their customers in which all questions and wishes are reflected. In a DWG file all 2D and 3D drawings of a design can be seen.

Calm look

“Involve us at an early stage of the plans” argues Ergox. By consulting with the entrepreneur, the vacuum cleaner specialist and the architect or construction company at an early stage, the assembly becomes clearer and easier. The required structures can thus be made to measure in the Ergox factory and all pipes and cables can be concealed on site. The result is a calm appearance of the car wash.

Many casing pipes can be concealed underground and in the buildings foundations. This saves time during the construction and assembly of the vacuum cleaner system. For clear communication with the various construction parties, Ergox already records in the drawing who is preparing what and when.

Ergox prepares the constructions for the vacuum cleaner system in the right choice of metal. This can be galvanized, lacquered of stainless steel and in different color combinations. Ergox had developed a special process for paining and applies it in its own manufacturing process, which increases durability and quality.

Convenience servies people

The vacuum cleaner plaza must therefor look good, but above all it must also be easy for the customer to use the options given. Ergox offers various options to assemble everything within easy reach. Think of a stainless steel balustrade along the walls or columns of the building, stand-alone poles ( in the company colours) or multiboxes (also in colour). The pipeline for composed air, data cables and the control cables can be laid underground in casing pipes. Above the vacuum cleaner areas hangs the construction to which the vacuum pipes, LED lightning, compressed air guns and the vacuum hoses are mounted. This construction is adapted to the building and has the chosen color scheme in line with the design. Everything hangs high and is situated in such a way that the vacuum cleaner place is freely accessible without obstacles, this gives the customer an overview, peace and confidence.

Prevent damage

Because everything is neatly tucked away, it is a lot clearer for the customer what the attributes are for vacuuming, and that convenience is exactly why the customer comes to the car wash and does not wash at home. Because a lot is included in the construction and underground, the collision risk has been eliminated and car wash entrepreneurs can prevent damage, discussions and downtime of the car wash.


Ergox aims to completely unburden the car wash owner in the field of vacuum cleaning. Those who sits down with this company wil have the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of the location, the desired and required number of vacuum cleaner places and the infrastructural and structural matters. For existing buildings, the construction is assessed, for new buildings an extensive DWG file is made. A layout of the location is also made in which the routes are recorded. Technique and lightning are also assessed and of course other wishes are also discussed and assessed for feasibility.

In shirt, good preparation of a car wash project is important. Therefor, involving Ergox at car wash building or rebuilding plans at an early stage can be advised in order to achieve a clear picture and to avoid surprises afterwards. Bet on a professional, reliable and complete vacuum cleaner hall with Ergox Vacuum Systems.


Author: Niels Singeling

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