Offering the right coffee can boost sales

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Takeaway coffee is often part of the package at gas stations for motorists. At car washes, too, more and more operators are offering their customers a coffee for the waiting time during the car wash. But here, too, it all comes down to quality and the right offer.

No customer is likely to come to a car wash because of the good coffee. But if the quality and the selection of coffee on offer is good, this can be a reason for a customer to come back at the next car wash, a recent research by German company Lekkerland found.

Scandinavian coffee lovers

The fact is, Europeans are fanatic coffee lovers. Especially the Scandinavian countries stand out. In Finland for example folks are drinking 2,6 cups of coffee per day, closely followed by Norway, where each inhabitant is good for 7.2 kilo of coffee a year. Countries like Denmark, Holland and Germany are also in the top 10 of devoted coffee drinkers.

Over 30 percent of the ‘cups of Joe’ are regularly drunk from disposable paper cups on the go. So it seems smart to create a suitable offer for customers who have to wait at a car wash. With good quality and an appropriate range selection, this can additionally increase the satisfaction of car wash customers.

Classic range

Large coffee chains have taken the selection of the right coffee to the extreme. But for most car washes or service stations, a classic range is sufficient. The customer expects excellent care of his vehicle and does not expect a barista style coffee.

In Germany for example, the clear favorite among customers is the classic coffee with milk : the Café Crema. Followed by cappuccino and latte macchiato. But in Italy and Spain most coffee lovers expect a simple but decent espresso.

Attracting new coffee drinkers

Coffee while waiting or for the rest of the trip is a popular remedy at gas stations and car washes. To expand this means of additional sales even further, Lekkerland recommends expanding the coffee offering from time to time. “Each of your customers has a favorite coffee – whether it’s espresso, latte macchiato or café crema.

Expand your offer, your customers will be happy to find their favorite drink in your store” states Lekkerland, a company specializing in on-the-go consumption. “Don’t miss out on the attractive margins of specialty coffees any longer: Your customers are used to the higher prices for cappuccino & co. and are willing to pay them for the perfect coffee experience.”

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Author: Rene Passet

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