From pink to green: AllRide’s all-season screenwash

allride screenwash

Newco Europe will stop selling the well-known pink summer screenwash. This spring, the supplier of non-food items for the petrol station industry launched a wiper fluid that lasts all year round: the ‘AllRide screenwash all-season’.

The new, ready-to-use fluid can be recognized by its green color. Allride screenwash all-season removes dirt and insects from car windows, but also protects against frost, up to a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit).

According to Martijn Venema, account manager at Newco in Eindhoven (NL) one of the big advantages of the new product is that it can be offered all year round. The summer version was pretty much useless in winter.

“In October you often see the change to the winter variant and around March the change to the summer version. This year you saw that we had very nice weather in March, so then many entrepreneurs ordered the summer screenwash and let the winter variant run out.
But suddenly it started snowing again in parts of Europe, early April. By then, shop owners only had summer screenwash in stock. With this new product you have the right stuff on the shelves all year round.

Unlimited storage

Apart from the problem of remaining stock, another advantage is that the all-season screen wash does not fall under the so-called ADR legislation, unlike other wiper fluids. Because there is less ethanol in the product, it may be stored indefinitely. “This eliminates the need to invest in drip trays and outdoor bunkers, for example”, says Venema. “With this new screenwash, it is allowed to put down whole pallets of the product for mass sales.”

According to Venema, in recent years the legislation on this subject has become a lot stricter. Last year, the company therefore brought a -15 variant on the market that is ADR-free. For filling stations in particular, he says it is good to be able to store unlimited quantities. “You often see that there are peak moments, just like during the snowfall in the lockdown last year. Then too, many entrepreneurs were without the right screenwash. If you can stock up then, you can prepare well for that.”

Better margin

Newco is not afraid consumers will now buy less of the product in service stations, since they now no longer have to change windshield fluid. “The effect of the all-season variant outweighs that. I think it doesn’t matter and even works out positively for the customer. This is because you now always have the products that the customer expects to be there.

With the price being a bit higher, it also means that the net margins for the filling station are better.” Should it freeze harder than 5 degrees Celsius, Newco does still have the variants to -15 and -20 degrees Celsius available, which can be added to the new variant.

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Author: Rene Passet

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