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More washing, less shopping in Leeds

Great Britain Leeds City Council has approved plans to fully refurbish the BP Moortown service station. This includes the extension of the car wash facilities and comes at the expense of the -now closed- convenience store. Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

The Airffect effect: break the old routine 

PartnerHow to make customers to your wash bays into returning customers? Airffect can be of help. The Austrian company offers a unique innovation for the self-service car wash. Their car dryers really can make a...Read more
|Comment|author: Sandra Schäfer

Derby car wash gets an upgrade 

UKThe car wash in the British town of Derby is being revamped. The city Council has recently approved renovation plans. The hand wash building at the busy Texaco petrol station will be demolished and replaced...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Adriateh revamps French car wash

FranceAdriateh recently finished a big upgrade of a run down car wash in Le Touvet, located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France. Thousands of other car washes are waiting to get an upgrade.Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Aquarama opens new car wash on Sardinia

It’s not often you that read something about car washes in Sardinia, but seeing those beautiful pictures makes you want to book a holiday to the Italian island right away. Be sure to drop by...Read more
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Driverless truck destroys car wash

In the US town of Chadron, a whole wash bay of the Hi-Tech Car Care center was destroyed last week after a driverless truck drove into it. Luckily, the accident happened in the early hours...Read more
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Airffect drying

Drying in the wash bay with Airffect

Most car washes require customers to either dry the car by hand or drive off with a wet vehicle. According to Airffect, an in-vehicle dryer can increase customer numbers and turnover. The hand dryer blows...Read more
|Comment|author: Steven Don