How do you wash the car wash?

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The goal of any car wash business is for clean cars to leave the car wash. But what about cleaning the car wash itself? One thing is for sure: a clean car wash invites more washing than a dirty one.

Many people do not realize that a car wash itself also gets dirty. The dirt that comes off the cars does not only end up in the drain. Some of it is left behind on the machines, walls and floors. In addition to the dirt from the vehicles, residue of soaps, shampoos, gloss products and lime scale are also left behind. Over time the car wash will get contaminated.

Depending on the type of surface (concrete, tiles, or a floor paint), the nature of the contamination partly depends on the degradation by water and chemicals.
Not every floor is suitable for a carwash. In a carwash, the type of primer used for the floor has to be taken into account. It is also wise not to choose a standard intermediate layer, but a PUMA intermediate layer, which is flexible. The granules must have the right properties in terms of UV resistance and the top sealer must also have the right properties. The Dutch company Mesa Coatings has something for that: with a MesaFast system you are at the right address when it comes to flooring. After all, the company knows better than anyone what a floor has to endure.

Periodic cleaning

Having a car wash cleaned periodically is all about preserving and maintaining the installation. And of course with the appearance that you want to give to your car wash company.
Often, periodic cleaning is not high on the to-do list of car washes. A day of downtime is often used for maintenance of the machines and not for cleaning.
This still raises the question of whether you, as a carwash entrepreneur, will do the work yourself or call in a professional cleaning company. Everything starts with an inventory of the car wash and a maintenance plan. This way you avoid ending up in the same dirty situation again.

Before and after

Maintenance plan

Let us focus on a few of the advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company: you can outsource part (or all) of your maintenance plan to a specialist partner and you are assured of a thorough cleaning of your car wash with the right knowledge, cleaning products and materials.
By opting for periodic cleaning you reduce the risk of malfunctions and defects caused by dirty machines. Moreover, you are assured of a hygienic workplace for employees and customers. And above all: the car wash will continue to look neat and inviting.
Every car wash is different. Depending on the condition of the car wash, a cleaning plan is drawn up. This can vary from only cleaning with cold water under high pressure, to descaling and cleaning with hot water. The condition of the car wash determines the method of operation. Look for a cleaning company that’s specialized in car washes. This will probably give you an optimal result for every situation.

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Author: Rene Passet

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