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What will Italian company Mafra bring to the CWSE?

Mafra will be present at the CWSE

For more than 50 years, Italian cleaning specialist Mafra has been in the forefront of car washing and detailing products. They will be present at the Car Wash Show Europe in September, so we got in touch with their office near Milano. 

If you’re into detailing cars and motorbikes, it’s hard to get around Italian company Mafra. Only last week they visited the Motorfest Racalmuto on the island of Sicily. You will find Mafra on racing events almost every weekend during summer. But in September you don’t have to travel south, because Mafra will be present at the Car wash Show Europe in Amsterdam. We asked Elisa Personeni, who is export assistant of Mafra, some questions.

What are the main products you are bringing to the Car Wash Show Europe?

“We will be bringing a wide range of products from the Mafra Line, both consumer and professional products and our detailing brand Maniac Line to Amsterdam.

The consumer hobby range by Mafra includes a variety of products designed for car enthusiasts and hobbyists who enjoy taking care of their vehicles. These products are specifically formulated to provide excellent results and make the car cleaning and detailing process easier and more enjoyable.”

The professional car wash range by Mafra is specifically designed for use in professional car wash facilities, detailing centers, and automotive service providers. These products are formulated to meet the demanding needs of the commercial car wash industry and deliver excellent results while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the cleaning process.

Maniac Line is the high-performance, high-tech product line for true car care enthusiasts. We appeal to aesthetic performance maniacs, extreme car-lovers, seekers of the perfect detail, who can now finally unleash their passion in an easy and uncomplicated way.”

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The Maniac line is perfect for detailing.

What will be a focus product/service and why is it special?

“One of our focus products and novelties will be our BOX SELF LINE and our KIT UPGRADE. The first one is a line completely dedicated to wash bays. It includes a product called HP JET WASH, our new super foaming agent with high cleaning power. It’s designed for high pressure program car washes, it allows maximum washing performance at low temperatures, a clearly visible and very fragrant foam ideal for self-service systems with undersized purification systems.

The KIT UPGRADE is a special tool that upgrades the box-self car wash to create more foam. For example, if you are running an old self car wash, this product makes it easy to renew it with little effort and investment. With our KIT UPGRADE the owner can easily and quickly add an excellent foaming system to his carwash. In this way, customers will have a brand-new washing experience that will totally satisfy them, and will generate a higher revenue.

Along with the KIT UPGRADE we have also developed a new product which is ideal and performs at its best with the KIT UPGRADE. It’s called IGLU 2.0 and it’s the ideal foaming pre-wash for self-service carwashes. Powerful and safe, it renews the shine and color of bodywork and plastic elements.”

How big will your team be?

“Our team will consist of five members:

-Marco Mattioli – Mafra CEO

-Anna Pappini – Export Manager

-Reggy Cox – Official International Trainer and technical support

-Remco Van Remco van Wijck – owner of Glasz BV – official and exclusive Mafra distributor for the Netherlands

We ensure that our staff will provide product demonstrations, answer questions, and assist customers effectively.”

What do you expect from The Car Wash Show Europe in particular?

“We expect The Car Wash Show Europe to be a great platform for networking, establishing new partnerships, and showcasing our latest products to a wide audience of industry professionals. We hope to generate significant interest and attract potential clients and distributors from various European countries.”

There are a lot of workshops and demonstrations at CWSE. Which theme or subject has your particular interest during the trade show?

“Among the workshops and demonstrations at CWSE, we are particularly interested and we will participate as speakers to the Round the table on Chemicals: the secret to a top quality wash when the environmental requirements become stricter?

In a period where drought is affecting our countries, the importance of ecological products and water saving and recycling becomes increasingly crucial. Mafra is at the forefront of this aspect with the development of new products and technologies suitable for this purpose, such as the Iron Stop Technology. This innovative technology is designed to effectively remove iron particles from surfaces, such as car paint, wheels, and glass, while minimizing water usage. By using products with Iron Stop Technology, water consumption is reduced, and the potential environmental impact is minimized. Mafra’s commitment to developing eco-friendly solutions underscores their dedication to sustainability and addressing the challenges posed by water scarcity.”

Are there more trade shows on the agenda of your company this year and if so, which ones?

“We will exhibit at the Sema show in Las Vegas next October, where we will promote our detailing brands Labocosmetica and Maniac Line.”

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Mafra will be present at the CWSE
Mafra will be present at the CWSE
Mafra will be present at the CWSE

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