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Get a haircut at the car wash

Canada In a society where multitasking seems to be the norm, a bunch of Canadian entrepreneurs found a nice niche in the car wash market: a drive-in barbershop slash car detailing studio. Read more
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Leeds gets a bigger Soapbox

A new car wash and detailing company has opened in the industrial town of Leeds in the United Kingdom. The Super Soapbox Pitstop offers all valeting and detailing services, while the customer is waiting behind...Read more
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Cleaning car interiors with UV-C technology

Dutch company Progress Europe is marketing a device that uses ultraviolet light to ‘eliminate’ more than 99 percent of viruses and bacteria. In particular, the UV-C Disinfection Device should make it easier for companies to...Read more
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Man versus machine in Singapore

In the USA and parts of Western Europe, the battle between man and (car wash) machine has long been won by the latter. But in Singapore, many car washes are still hand powered. Due to...Read more
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Detailing car interior ends in explosion

Detailing is a professional business, a disturbing video from Poland proves. After having cleaned the interior of his car with a cleaning agent, a man decided to smoke a cigarette inside his vehicle. It ignited...Read more
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‘The Harrods of cars’

They call themselves ‘the Harrods of cars’. Bradford based Roman Detailing cleans and details the cars of the super rich. Their Instagram is filled with shiny Ferrari’s, Bugatti’s and Lamborghini’s. But why don’t they have...Read more
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