5 tips to make your flyer more effective

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As a car wash manager you will most likely have considered flyers (paper folders) for a promotion. It can be a very powerful offline tool to inform potential customers about certain special deals. But there is a catch, warns marketing expert Justin Huijmans.

Customers usually decide in a split second if the received flyer is interesting or not. It is therefore very important to grab the attention of your target group immediately. Here’s five tips how to get the best results:

Tip 1: Have a clear goal in mind

Just make a flyer with some texts? Bad plan. As with any campaign, you need a clear goal. What do you want to achieve with the flyers? Do you want to promote a particular product or service? Do you want to lure potential customers to a new branch? Formulate your goal as concretely as possible, formulate just one and stay true to it. This is how you move the recipient towards your new branch.

Tip 2: Stimulate

The average flyer only holds your attention for a very short time. Long texts? Don’t go there. The trick is to give just enough information to excite the reader. A powerful question, a playful slogan or compact information ensures that the message sticks and encourages people to take further action.

Tip 3: Make a hierarchical distinction

Think about the most important message you want to convey, but also determine which additional information is necessary. Work this out in a hierarchy and translate this hierarchy into a number of segments. In doing so, do take into account how a human being looks at a flyer. That is from top to bottom, unless you use an image in the middle of the flyer. Then the image attracts attention first. Also pay attention to information that should be slightly less prominent but is important, such as contact information or references to your social media channels.

Tip 4: Use short and powerful texts

Long texts or a list of points are of no use on a flyer. Choose attractive texts that appeal to the reader. They should not only arouse curiosity, but also be short and powerful. At the same time they should convey the desired message. That is not easy and that is why at Plus12 we use experienced copywriters. Not everyone turns out to be a good car wash entrepreneur and not everyone is cut out to write great copy.

Tip 5: Choose the right images

A good image says more than a thousand words and that is of course useful when you need to limit the number of words on a flyer. Therefore, choose an appealing design with warm, talking, human images of high quality, which of course also fit the message. These images will make your flyer stand out and again contribute to the flyer’s objective.

How eye tracking contributes to creating a good flyer

Setting up an attractive flyer that contributes as much as possible to your objective is quite difficult. In addition, printing and distributing a flyer door-to-door is quite an expensive affair and you can only spend every euro or dollar once. A method to measure the effectiveness of a flyer is ‘eye tracking’. The eye movement during viewing and reading of the flyer is measured on a number of test persons. This way one can see which message comes in first and whether all texts are seen. With this information each flyer can be optimized.

Justin Huijmans is connected to marketing agency Plus12.

Photo: Erika Giraud, Unsplash

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