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Is the end of the convertible near? 

Trends For some it’s a midlife crisis, for others it’s a dream: feeling the wind in your hair while driving in a convertible. This may soon be a thing of the past though. Since 2004, sales...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

More Dutch cars on the road

The NetherlandsGood news for Dutch car wash companies. The number of passenger cars on Dutch roads rose to 9.4 million last year. A new record. About two-thirds of sales involved a partially or fully electric vehicle....Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Cars as an expression of personality

GermanyIn times of high costs and inflation, car owners seem to be less willing to take care of their own vehicles. But a research by the German HEM petrol station chain shows there is some...Read more
|Comment|author: Sandra Schäfer

Car ownership keeps rising in Europe

EUA new survey by Eurostat has just confirmed that car ownership in Europe is still on the rise, despite energy transition measurements. There is now one car for every two inhabitants in the EU. Poland...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

The world likes its cars white

Even though the number of grey and blue cars on the road is increasing slightly, white is still the most popular color for cars, according to a report by paint manufacturer Axalta.Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet