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Mister Car Wash improved their app

Mister Car Wash gave their famed Mister App a big overhaul. According to the Arizona based car wash company, the new app provides on-the-spot options and service and directs you to the nearest Mister Car...Read more
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Mister Car Wash ends 2022 on a positive note

Mister Car Wash Inc. reported fourth-quarter net income of $17.8 million, The Washington Post reports. On a per-share basis, the Arizona-based car wash company said it had net income of 5 cents. Earnings, adjusted for...Read more
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Mister Car Wash acquires Speedwash

Four express exterior car wash locations from Californian brand The Speedwash were recently sold to Mister Car Wash, a recent press release by PetroCal Associates learned. It did not reveal the amount of money involved...Read more
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