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‘Mr Wax’ to open in Duisburg

GermanyGerman car wash chain Mr. Wash is currently building a new double tunnel wash in Duisburg which will include a ‘waxing conveyor belt’. The carwash is set to open in the summer of 2025.Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

How Mr. Wash handles customer complaints

A customer of Mr. Wash recently complained about what he saw as an unsatisfactory solution of alledged damage endured in the car wash. This prompted us to ask Germany’s largest car wash chain how the...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

‘Largest Car Wash’ in America opens

In the land where everything has to be bigger, better and faster, Bubble Down Car Wash has just announced it will open ‘the largest car wash in America’. With a whopping 400 feet (122 meters),...Read more
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No more Sunday washing at Mr. Wash

Starting next year, the German company Mr. Wash will keep all its branches closed on Sundays. It will save the well-known car wash chain a lot of energy. But there is more to it.Read more
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Mr. Wash near the 1 million mark

The German car wash company Mr. Wash Autoservice AG can look back on a very successful month of washing. In March, nearly 1 million vehicles were washed at Mr. Wash’s more than 30 locations. Thanks...Read more
|Comment|author: Sandra Schäfer

Get your booster at the car wash

The world is currently boosting its way out of the pandemic and in Germany they go a long way to achieve that goal. It’s now even possible to get a booster shot at a car...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet