Live blog: full programme during first day of Carwash Show Europe

Welcome to this live blog about the first day of the Carwash Show Europe Digital Stage 2021. The event will be broadcasted live from ProMedia’s studios in Rotterdam. At this digital fair you will hear everything about the latest developments in the car wash sector and meet relevant contacts.

The official programme started at 3.00 pm, but there was already a lot to experience before. For example, several breakout sessions were organized, in which speakers went into depth on a specific topic, such as sustainable cleaning products and washing tunnels. There was also room for participants to get in touch with each other.

Live blog closed

The first day of the Carwash Show Europe is over. Participants can listen to new presentations from 15.00 tomorrow. Networking is possible until 21.00 tonight. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow!

Update 17.00: ICA last speaker

Although Christ’s gentlemen could continue with their story for a while, their time is up. Eric Wulf, CEO of the International Carwash Association (ICA) will be responsible for the final presentation. In the United States, car wash prices are lower, but car volumes are higher. The trends in the country can also be applied to Europe, Wulf thinks. An important topic is digitization, such as the recognition of number plates.

Update 16.45: Latest presentations

Christ takes the floor. The company is showing the latest car wash products, such as a drive-in car wash terminal and the brand new rollover. ”Everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said visualize your success, go and do it. I say: visualize your car wash, go and do it,” says owner Alexander Christ.

Update 16.05: Part two of the main programme has started

The second part of the main programme has just started. Several speakers will take the stage in the coming hour. Among other things, the application of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the programme. First, WashTec talks about the importance of eco-labels again. ”If we talk about sustainability, we have to think about a world size company. Price is the last thing we can talk about”, said WashTec’s Christoph Maletz

AI can determine the dose of chemicals in the process. A camera system can be used to check the dirt on the car. The system can be trained with previous experiences. For example, if there are insects on the vehicle, the car is washed in a different way than is the case with mud. Possibly more water is used or the brushes have to scrub harder. The price could also be determined this way, depending on the dirt on the car.

Update 15.55: Break

We are going to take a break. The programme will continue in ten minutes. We have already seen several speakers and beautiful videos. See you in a bit!

Marco Wiegand from STI speaks about conveyor systems.

Update 15.20: Presentations about digitalization

After WashTec just gave the first presentation on digitization and smart solutions for wash park and rollover operators, the floor is now for Reamon van Dijk from BigBrother. According to him, it is mainly about what you do with the data that cameras could provide.The company worked on a camera arch that can be used to notice damage on cars in advance. In this way, customers cannot unjustifiably recover damage from the entrepreneur at a later date.

Update 15.00: Programme starts

The main programme has just started. For the next two hours, visionary speakers will take the digital stage to share their experiences in the sector. We have started!

In the next two days, professionals from all over the world will gather to network, share their experiences and talk about the latest developments.

Update 13.30: First break-out session is over, more to follow

The first session has just ended. Before the main programme starts, participants can listen to multiple presentations. STI will talk about Conveyor Systems in the next half hour and Christ will give an explanation about washing tunnels between 2.30 pm and 3.00 pm.

Update 13.00: WashTec break-out session started

WashTec is one of the parties that hosts a breakout session. The company recently started with its own eco label, intended for sustainable and biodegradable products. The company noted that there is no international ecolabel and has therefore summarized its own criteria in the new Auwa Green Car Care label. “Look at your entire car wash process and ask yourself what can be improved and optimized,” said Vice President Christoph Maletz. ”Not only the chemicals used are important, but also water and energy consumption are.”

Author: Nico Schinkelshoek

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