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How to properly use social media

In a world where digital technologies and social media are growing unstoppably, it is essential for companies in every industry to keep up with the latest trends. For the car wash industry, innovative social media strategies are opening up new avenues for customer engagement and business development.

One of the most obvious trends in social media is video content, which will dominate more than ever in 2024. Short and concise videos, so-called “snackable content”, will attract the attention of users.

Car washes and video content

Car washes could capitalize on this knowledge by showing short clips of vehicle cleaning or water systems in action to attract potential customers through visual experience. In addition, tutorials or car care tips can help build a community around the brand and ensure long-term interest.

Individuality in the car wash industry

Personalizing the customer experience is another trend that is becoming increasingly important. By tailoring content to the specific interests and needs of users, the relevance to the individual increases.

For car washes, this means they should use customer data intelligently to create customized offers and communication. A campaign could be tailored to a specific time of year, for example. With special offers for removing the most prevalent dirt from customers’ vehicles.

New trend: live streaming

Live streaming is a format that conveys authenticity and strengthens direct contact with followers. It offers companies the opportunity to interact with their target group in real time. Hosting live Q&A sessions where the most frequently asked customer questions are being addressed. This could help car washes build a closer relationship with their customers while promoting transparency and trust.

Cross-platform approach

Last but not least, diversification across different platforms plays a major role. Potential customers don’t just move on one social network.

A targeted approach via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even LinkedIn can help to reach different target groups and present diverse aspects of the car wash business.

The common and preferred formats of each platform should be considered and “played” individually in order to achieve the desired effects. However, this usually increases the effort required for continuous visibility.

User-generated content

Companies can specifically integrate their own customers into their strategy. So-called “user-generated content” (UGC) has two advantages. It is easy to produce by using customer material and it promotes customer loyalty, as UGC offers customers a platform for expressing their opinions.

Learn and adapt

To succeed in today’s fast-paced, technology-dominated world, car wash operators need to recognize and capitalize on current social media trends. Video content, personalized communication, live streaming and platform diversification are just some of the key strategies to consider.

By applying these innovative approaches, car washes can not only increase their visibility, but also build a stronger bond with their customer base and ultimately increase their sales.

This involves a period of time for customers to get used to the fact that a company has changed its communication strategy. The best way to do this is to include elements in the strategy from the outset that actively involve the customer. Then it’s a matter of trial and error and persevering until success is measurable.

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Author: Sandra Schäfer

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