Topic: Sustainability

Kärcher cuts back their CO₂ emissions 

SustainabilityKärcher has published its sustainability report for last year. According to the German wash specialist, their CO₂ emissions per million euros of turnover in 2023 were only 7.8 tons compared to 12.7 tons in 2020.Read more
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EU takes action against greenwashing

SustainabilityAs arguments of sustainability and environmental protection are increasingly used for advertising and marketing purposes, the European Union is now taking action against so-called greenwashing. Terms such as “environmentally friendly,” “natural” or “biodegradable” should only...Read more
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Unlimited Auto Wash goes green

SustainabilityUnlimited Auto Wash Club has decided to embrace sustainability. The Florida-based company has attained the Edenark Group ISO 14001 environmental sustainability certification for all seven of its locations.Read more
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Unlimited Auto Wash goes sustainable 

SustainabilityFlorida-based Unlimited Auto Wash Club has decided to turn their seven locations into sustainable car washes. “The world needs organizations to commit to being sustainable; not mislead consumers via greenwashing.”Read more
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Spectro limits its ecological footprint

SustainabilityDutch cleaning specialist Spectro continues to invest in a sustainable policy. The company has just shared its recent results, which indicates it’s smart to take corporate responsibility seriously.Read more
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Caramba!! Save water with X-Jet nozzles

The new X-Jet water-saving nozzles by Caramba could save up to 30 percent in water usage during a car wash, according to the German manufacturer. Compared to an ordinary cleaning the results would be similar....Read more
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Istobal reduces plastic in product packaging

Spanish supplier Istobal is now using around a third less plastic in the packaging of its chemicals. In addition, the line of super-concentrated agents has been doubled, reducing the total amount of plastic at Istobal...Read more
|Comment|author: Rieneke Kok