The Success of the Halloween Car Wash

Halloween is big business

As a car owner, you must be stark raving mad to drive into a smoldering car wash, while masked men with guns dance around it. Unless it’s Halloween, of course. Part one of a two part series on haunted car washing. 

In the United States especially, the Tunnels of Terror and Haunted Car Washes are currently a huge success. Year after year, more start to appear. For good reason. You can turn a lot of extra revenue as a business owner.

Nowadays, putting on a scary mask while hanging up some bats and cobwebs won’t quite cut it. The true Halloween specialists know this. The Haunted Car Wash is big business these days and there is a lot of competition.

The most successful Terror Car Washes even hire actors and spend thousands of dollars on costumes, extra lights and red-colored soap. Others install blow-up monsters, automatons and giant pumpkin lights in front of the entrance.

Once inside, the interaction with the haunted staff is often limited to some waving of bloody toy swords and slaps on the hood; while at other ‘bewitched locations’, masked actors actually pull open car doors or violently shake vehicles. Which makes the threat much more palpable. Some children quickly duck under the car seat and remain there during the car wash.

Can I bring my children?

No wonder the most frequently asked question is: Can I take my children to the Tunnel of Terror? Well, that depends on two things: how old are the children and how absorbed are the actors in their play?
Most of the ‘undead’ understand that crying children in the back seat are not increasing sales. Above all, the event should provide an exciting and memorable experience. And: there is a difference between creeping and scaring the crap out of your customers.

At Prime Car Wash in the town of Fishers (Indiana) staff tell car owners to turn on their hazard lights when their kids become too frightened. This keeps the scary creatures at bay. Prime takes the scary experience to new heights, even using a customized radio station which car owners can tune in to while they are inside the car wash.

More sales

The Haunted Car Wash provides many business owners with additional sales. Up to 50% more than on a regular day. On average, a ride through the haunted tunnel costs about $20, although there are also outliers to $30 or more. But then you are actually paying for top theater while the actual wash is just an afterthought.

Next week Carwashpro will publish an interview with Quick Jet Car Wash (Tennessee), where they have perfected the Haunted Tunnel.

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Author: Rene Passet

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