Here’s how you wash a 4 million-dollar car

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How do you wash and detail one of the most expensive cars in the world? First of all: don’t get nervous and work fast, we learn from an entertaining recent video of US master detailers AMMO. See how a Koenigsegg CC850 got its precious shine.

One must think that by now, the people of Ammo are used to something. After all , over the years we’ve seen them detailing vintage Lamborghini’s, forgotten Ferrari’s and neglected Porsches.
But Ammo’s latest video is jaw-dropping nevertheless. Not only because the Koenigsegg CC850 is beyond beautiful, but also because Ammo’s Larry Kosilla reaches perfection in detailing the precious sports car from Sweden.

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Precious indeed it is. Originally, only 50 were to be built of the Koenigsegg CC850. But due to high demand, the Swedish factory cranked it up to 70. With a price tag of almost $4 million, only the filthy rich or truly dedicated can pay for this exclusive vehicle.

What makes the CC850 especially novel is its transmission. A driver can operate it with a traditional six-speed manual with a clutch or notch the shifter into an automatic position where the gearbox has nine gears. The car has 1,353 horsepower in a 5.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. It also has the world’s smallest rear window. “Easy to clean”, Kosilla jokes.

Ammo vs Koenigsegg CC280

Paint job

The New York detailer is impressed with the paint. Compared to other exclusive cars, the paint job on the Koenigsegg is incredible. Kosilla maxes out the gauge he uses for measuring the thickness of it. No wonder: the Swedish company puts the vehicle through a 25-step painting process to achieve this condition.

So Ammo can go all in when it comes to polishing it with their Reflex Pro Enamel Coat. Because of the high humidity, they have to work fast. The coating cures when exposed to oxygen and moist, a process that is accelerated in humid conditions.
“Absolutely amazing. It did not even look this good at the factory”, is the satisfied reaction of Koenigsegg’s representative Christer.
And then the inside detailing is yet to come..

After a bit too many ‘forgotten car in the barn-videos’, this entertaining detailing video of a brand-new sports car is a welcome change from the Ammo-team.

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Author: Rene Passet

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