Outdoor advertising is just the beginning of the purchase decision

Only 12 percent of outdoor advertising takes customers directly to the car wash. Outdoor advertising does attract the attention of potential customers, but additional measures are needed to convince them to buy products.

Car wash customers who commute to work every day are an important part of the customer base of car wash operators. At the same time, these passers-by must also be actively informed about the car wash.

The more often customers see advertising, especially outdoor advertising, the less attention it gets. The purpose of outdoor advertising should also be taken into account when designing it. According to a study by the Professional Association for Outdoor Advertising in Germany, outdoor advertising generates about 30 percent brand awareness for the company. On the other hand, only about 12 percent leads to an increase in direct actions.

So this shows that advertising for a car wash should not rely solely on outdoor advertising. If attention is captured through successful outdoor advertising, additional measures are needed to turn potential customers into actual customers.

Customer journey

In marketing circles this is called the customer journey. It proves on what basis and which touch points with a company a customer makes a purchase decision. The more diverse these touch points are, the greater the chance of a purchase. The customer journey also shows which information channels a customer sees before making a purchase decision. Outdoor advertising is often just a starting point. Digital presence and presence in other media such as radio and newspapers that are demonstrably consumed by the target group ultimately lead to an increase in purchase intention. For example, when considering the target audience and targeted area of ​​a car wash, how customers consume media in a local environment should also be taken into account so that outdoor advertising can be designed to fit seamlessly within the customer’s journey.

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