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More washing, less shopping in Leeds

Great Britain Leeds City Council has approved plans to fully refurbish the BP Moortown service station. This includes the extension of the car wash facilities and comes at the expense of the -now closed- convenience store. Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Repsol is washing more cars than ever 

SpainRespol is gearing up speed to realize hundreds of car washes in their home country. At the Car Wash Show Europe we learned, the Spanish gas station company is fully aware that the energy transition...Read more
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Soapy Joe’s Car Wash opens 20th location 

USASoapy Joe’s Car Wash has opened their 20th location in San Diego country. The family-owned car wash company celebrates this with free washes. Furthermore, they will be giving away annual memberships to every 20th customer...Read more
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How a German city frustrates a new car wash

An experienced self-service car wash operator plans to open a new location in Recklinghausen, Germany. But the city council has repeatedly rejected the plans, using new reasons every time. The applicant is getting increasingly desperate.Read more
|Comment|author: Sandra Schäfer

Cars stolen from New York car washes

Disturbing news from New York, where on three occasions cars were stolen from different car washes last week. The Brooklyn police are warning motorists to be vigilant, NBC News reported.Read more
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Uno-X opens new car washes in Norway

Scandinavian company Uno-X just opened a new charging station and eco-friendly rollover car wash near Haugesund, Norway. On its 300 kW chargers no less than 38 ultrafast EV charging sockets are waiting for electrical vehicles.Read more
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