Spring is soon upon us. So are the motorbikes

Harley by Martin Pettitt, Flickr cc

With rising temperatures in spring, more and more motorcyclists wake their machines from their winter sleep. For many bikers the main question soon will be: should I wash my motorcycle in a self-service wash box or do I have to clean it by hand? Car wash operators are well advised to have a suitable answer to this question.

Currently, the queues at the wash boxes are particularly long. Many motorists take the advice they heard in the news about desert dust seriously and remove it promptly. For motorcyclists it might be wise to wait until the rush is over. Even then, not every car wash is particularly happy with motorcycle customers. Though few wash customers understand why.

Potential problems

Basically, it comes down to the extreme love for their bikes. Their cleanliness sometimes plays a major role because a rider treats his or her motorcycle as a collector’s item.
Unfortunately, conflicts arise time and again when motorcycle enthusiasts want to wash their vehicles in self-service wash boxes.

There, the intensive “bucket wash” often takes significantly longer than a wash using the washing technology provided in the wash box. This costs a lot of time and can lead to the displeasure of waiting customers. Worst case scenario is that customers leave the wash bay and drive to another car wash.

The second problem is the additional cleaning agents that bikers sometimes bring along. Their ingredients are not always compatible with the water treatment systems of the car washes.

To avoid conflicts it might be wise to inform potential motorcyclists about these two elements and act accordingly.

Attractive wash boxes

The problem with the bike aimed cleaning agents can be solved by using modern and attractive washing technology. If the motorcycle washer has faith in the wash performance, he or she will find additional cleaning agents superfluous.

The fact remains that many motorcyclists take joy in intensive vehicle care. Simply because it’s an integrated part of their hobby. Here, market innovations can provide a remedy. Think for example about high-quality drying with self-service dryers. Or reserve self-service wash boxes which are specially designed to meet the needs of motorcyclists.

Drying in the self-service wash box is very time-consuming. More and more operators have therefore decided to offer a drying machine to their self-service customers. It might be a good idea to invest in the self-service dryer from AIRFFECT.
And then there is the Otto Christ AG wash station concept, which is specially geared to motorcycles. Motorcyclists can expect separate facilities for storing protective clothing and helmets during the wash.

Internet forums

If car wash operators are planning to make their facilities more attractive for motorcyclists, it might be worth taking a look at relevant Internet forums. Here, fans of the motorcycle scene discuss all issues relating to their beloved vehicles. Cleaning their bike plays a major role.

After just a short search, you will probably be able to identify most common questions. And you’ll get to know more about the misinformation that keeps cropping up in the scene.

This way, it is much easier to understand the needs of these car wash customers and to develop suitable answers. Finally, the target group can be addressed either in direct customer conversations or published as valuable social media content.

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photo by Martin Pettitt, Flickr CC

Author: Sandra Schäfer

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