New shine for dirty headlights

A solution for dirty headlights Koch Chemie

Visibility is important, especially in winter. But over the years, headlight performance can deteriorate. Even if a car wash cleans the headlights from the outside, dirty spots sometimes remain, resulting in a blur. This can cause problems on the road.

In the winter season, good visibility is an important part of road safety. It is not only a matter of being seen, but also of having the best possible view. Sometimes, the consequences of clouded headlights can become more than a nuisance. In many countries, vehicles with faulty headlights are not even allowed on the road. The German company Koch-Chemie has a suitable solution, which many detailing companies use. But it should be used with care.

Polishing headlights

If the car wash cannot restore the headlights to its original brightness, this can be solved by the Highlight Polish Set from Koch-Chemie. It uses a two-step process. The Headlight Polish 1 machine polish effectively removes scratches and abraded areas from grit size P1000, so that weathered acrylic headlights can be quickly refurbished.

Headlight Polish 2 subsequently produces a high-gloss surface on the already pre-treated headlights. It contains carnauba wax, which simultaneously seals the headlight. This is an economical approach, as it eliminates the need for an additional application of a sealing component.

Processing with the Thermo Pad enables good control over the temperature development of the material, since the color change of the pad serves as an indicator, due to its thermochromic property. A total of 50 headlights can be processed with the Headlight Polish Set.

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Headlight Polish Set from Koch-Chemie

A word of warning

When using this headlight polish, the manufacturer’s instructions must be particularly observed. “In Germany, manipulation of headlights of any kind, including polishing, is actually not permitted by law. A headlight has a type approval. Especially polished yellow lights can give problems when the TÜV-approval has to be renewed.

A vehicle refurbisher who offers this service to his customers should accordingly inform his customers about the risks.” Users will find a corresponding legal notice in the product description. It should be noted that the legal regulations in this regard vary from country to country and the individual case must be examined in each case.

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Author: Rene Passet

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