‘Partner is decisive for going to the car wash’

One in ten drivers never washes their car. Those who do are prompted by the good weather, a planned vacation trip or insistence by the partner, a research by Innofact found.

Some car wash customers take it to the limit. They only drive their car through the car wash when they no longer have a clear view through the windows. But what else motivates people to wash a car? And what does that mean for car wash companies? Dutch website Autoscout24 and research bureau Innofact looked into it.

Partner determines

Every third car wash customer makes their visit to the car wash dependent on the weather. They prefer to go for a wash when the weather improves.
A quarter of all car wash customers drive through the car wash before going on a vacation trip (23 percent). Just as many (23 percent) make a detour to the car wash immediately after their vacation.
But don’t rule out the partner of a car owner! It appears to have a major influence on the timing of a car wash visit. In the survey, 21 percent of men, as well as 19 percent of women, say they will only wash their car if their partner nags them long enough.
Less obvious, but still cited as a clear reason to wash, are occasions when drivers want to make a good impression. Overall, 12 percent would wash their car if they were going to a business meeting. 8 percent want to impress a date with a clean car and 5 percent want to look good in front of their friends with a clean car.


When it comes to their own family members, surprisingly few do their best: only 4 percent of those surveyed drive through the car wash on their way to their own parents. And if the trip is to the in-laws? Car washing is even less of a necessity then. Only 3 percent think it’s appropriate to drive to the other half’s parents with a clean car.

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Author: Rene Passet

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‘Partner is decisive for going to the car wash’ | CarwashPro

‘Partner is decisive for going to the car wash’