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Meet Rick, a Dutch car wash veteran

The Netherlands Dutch car wash veteran Rick Nieuwenhuijs has installed car washes for decades and did service maintenance for all of WashTec’s car washes in The Netherlands. Nowadays, he is on the road as a ‘carwash troubleshooter’,...Read more
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Listen to your car wash

Car wash podcastsSome professionals in the car wash industry consume all the news available, being it via news websites, YouTube or even podcasts. If German is your language, then it might interest you that a car wash...Read more
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WashTec has a new CEO

GermanyMichael Drolshagen is the new head of WashTec. The Supervisory Board appointed him both as CTO and CEO, effective May 1. He succeeds Ralf Koeppe, who left the German car wash company prematurely last week. Read more
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“The expectations of car wash users are rising”

Interview with AUWA's new Managing Director Since mid-August, Stefan Sulzmaier has been managing director of the WashTec subsidiary AUWA. Our colleagues from got to ask him some questions about the future plans of the internatinal supplier of environmentally friendly washing...Read more
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How contour tracking saves energy

Technology Drying a car consumes a lot of energy and is therefore associated with high costs. WashTec offers its own dryer arch for retrofits in car washes. According to the German manufacturer, it might save car...Read more
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Traralgon has a new car wash

AustraliaWashTec has recently installed their new Silverlight combi machine in The Wash Station at Traralgon. Like so many car washes down under, it also includes a dog wash.Read more
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WashTec strikes a deal with IMO Car Wash

GermanyGerman company WashTec will supply all IMO sites in Europe and Australia with their car wash chemicals. They will also help in the transition to a more sustainable company. The quality of the WashTec products...Read more
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So how was the German gas station fair?

GermanyEssen was the place to be last week. At least, if you were working in the gas station and car wash industry. Our colleagues of called the fair-director to look back on the German...Read more
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Burnie opens in Tasmania 

WashTec Australia has just completed the installation of a Silverlight Combination machine at the soon to be opened Burnie Carwash in Tasmania, Australia.Read more
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WashTec has a new CSO

A ‘generation shake up’ in the board of WashTec recently. Long-time board member Stephan Weber stepped down last month and is succeeded by Sebastian Kutz (43).Read more
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LED: Sustainable entertainment in the car wash

Everyone with kids knows: car washing is entertainment. Whether it’s a rollover or tunnel, they will never forget their first car wash with mom or dad.  German car wash manufacturer and supplier WashTec tapped in...Read more
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WashTec announces AUWA Black Week

German car wash supplier WashTec has announced it will be offering special deals in their online store around Black Friday. Their ‘AUWA Black Week’, will last from Nov. 21 to Nov. 25, 2022. WashTec recommends...Read more
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Washing with cold water becomes hot

With energy prices in Europe at an all-time high, the latest cold water wash chemistry by WashTec comes as a blessing. Getting good results in a self-service car wash without hot water? You better believe...Read more
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