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More Dutch cars on the road

The NetherlandsGood news for Dutch car wash companies. The number of passenger cars on Dutch roads rose to 9.4 million last year. A new record. About two-thirds of sales involved a partially or fully electric vehicle....Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

‘Saturated power grid hinders businesses’

The NetherlandsEven though the economy in The Netherlands is looking pretty healthy, the saturated power grid has become a major economic bottleneck. Car washes with expansion plans are sometimes hindered by this. They have to wait...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Spectro limits its ecological footprint

SustainabilityDutch cleaning specialist Spectro continues to invest in a sustainable policy. The company has just shared its recent results, which indicates it’s smart to take corporate responsibility seriously.Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Getting your car washed in a nightclub

Imagine getting your car washed inside a nightclub, while Sisters Sledge or The Village People are blasting from the speakers and disco lights are flashing from all sides. In a Dutch car wash near Rotterdam...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

Meet the future of vacuuming

It looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie but it’s a vacuum cleaner. Meet the future of vacuum plazas, recently presented by Dutch company ACE Carwash Systems. After two years of development...Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet

New car wash brand enters Dutch market

Carwash Today recently opened their first branch in the Dutch town of Tegelen, near the German border. Owner Marc Kuypers runs a number of gas stations, but sees more future prospects for car washing. “A...Read more
|Comment|author: Belinda Meijers

Investor shakes up Dutch car wash market

Dutch investor Torqx Capital Partners has started an acquisition offensive in the car wash industry. The company recently aquired Autowas H2O (four branches), Bubbles Carwash in Rotterdam and XXL Carwash in The Hague.Read more
|Comment|author: Rene Passet